Robredo’s Head on the Guillotine – Revenge against the Liberal Party

After Senator Leila De Lima’s imprisonment, Vice President Leni Robredo might be next in line now that a strong state witness might be used by the Duterte’s Administration – Janet Lim Napoles against the members of the Liberal Party who are involved in the PDAF scam. Robredo’s days ahead are grim as she might possibly lose her office and at the same time find herself behind bars as various political parties are building an alliance against the members of the Liberal Party.

As a backgrounder, the Former President Benigno Aquino III waged his own war against corruption and with the help of Senator Leila De Lima who was the still the Justice Secretary at that time placed many politicians in bad light. Strangely, the Aquino administration accused various politicians of corruption except those who belong to his own party – The Liberal Party.

De Lima is also responsible for preventing Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo the chance to leave the country for a surgery in her spine. De Lima placed her under house arrest, a decision that led the former president into a shameful predicament in the eyes of the Filipino people.

The net of investigations in Congress, in the Senate and the hearings related to the PDAF cases in the judiciary caught big names such as Senator Bong Revilla, Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, Sen Jinggoy Estrada and, Billionare Business Woman Janet Lim Napoles. Many of which come from political parties namely PMP, Lakas, NPC, Nacionalista, and, APEC. All were castigated by media frenzies and accusations.

However, now that a non-Liberal Party member, PDP-Laban member President Rodrigo Roa Duterte got elected as president, all politicians in the Liberal Party are now in the hot seat. Rumors spread that various political parties and families who were “Persecuted” by the Aquino administration came together and united to put Pres. Duterte in power so they could use a strong man to actualize their plan for an orchestrated retaliation against the Liberal Party.

This speculation before was humorous but when De Lima was cuffed and brought to prison, the speculation gradually becomes a reality. As we connect the dots, we can infer that the next target is the vice president. This is a titillating story to look forward in the future.