Hepatitis A Virus found in Phils Yellowfin Tunas

A major crash in the tuna export industry as U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (US-FDA) decided to recall tuna cubes and steaks coming from the Philippines and Vietnam. This is after the US-FDA found out that the said frozen fish products may have been contaminated with Hepatitis A virus.

The information mainly come from the Hawaii-based company Hilo Fish Company which tested the products, and found positive with a contagious and deadly virus. The products were said to have come from Sustainable Seafood Company which is based in Vietnam while he other is from Santa Cruz Seafood Incorporated in the Philippines.

Though the warning has been spread out, still many of the products have already been distributed in California, Texas, and Oklahoma. FDA reported that no Hepatitis A infection from the fish has been reported.

The virus has been found specifically in the 8 ounce steaks with the label code 627152 while the others are from the 15 pound cubes under the label code 705342.

Right now, many international news agencies have warned the aforementioned states regarding the issue, thus for us locals in the Philippines have to be aware of this to avoid contamination and infection.


US recalls frozen tuna from PH, Vietnam after testing showed hepatitis A virus