Duterte’s SONA: The Pros and Cons

For those who missed the SONA2017 here is the full script!

President Duterte’s SONA last July 24 was filled with colorful statements. Both the local and international audiences applauded. They lauded at this plans. In fairness to the president’s performance, he did some rectification in the system. Now, we do not hear any so-called “Tanim Bala” syndicate in our airports, illegally-built fish pens owed by wealthy oligarchs in Luzon were removed, many drug addicts were exterminated, and the salaries and wages of policemen were increased. On the economic side, his business deal with China could pump more life to our dying economy.

Despite all the killings and unfulfilled promises, he continues to bedazzle his supporters here are tweets showing support to Pres. Duterte.

Sadly, same good promises but failed to be realized. As they say some promises are better left unsaid. First he said that “Change was to be meaningful, it had to start with those occupying the highest positions in government.” We have seen that in his term he tries to befriend all political oligarchs and only the politicians who belong to the weakest link like Leila de Lima has been imprisoned. His promise to dig up the SAF 44 case, to make the responsible answer for the loss of our soldiers might end up forgotten.

He said that the, “protectors of the people were themselves the perpetrators of the very crimes they were tasked to prevent or suppress. It is ironic as it is madness.” Truly, Police Superintendent Wynn Marcos who has been linked and accused in various violations of abuse of power in Leyte has been reinstated.

Student Activists do not find Pres. Duterte’s promises as totally fulfilled!

So many promises still to be accomplished!

There are still so many issues unresolved. Such as not inviting the UN and CHR in the SONA which could stir more misunderstand and conflict in the future, his unclear stand on the conflict in South China Sea. The barangay elections which has been suspended, the salaries of teachers still in the works including the tax exemptions for low-earners, the abolition of ENDO, the failed 3 months promise to end drugs and criminality in the country, the promise to end the crisis in Marawi and so many more…