A Dengue Vaccine Endangers Filipino Lives says Health Expert

Dr. Susan Mercado former government health undersecretary and director of noncommunicable diseases and health said through the life-course of the Worth health office of the Western Pacific that a dengue vaccine worth 3.4 Billion Pesos is to 100% safe for Filipinos aging 9 to 45 years of age especially those who do not have dengue yet.

The vaccine is Dengvaxia and has been given to 733,713 Filipino children. She labelled the vaccine program as a clinical-trial-masked-as-a-public-health-program scam.

In her Facebook account she posted:

According to Mercado, scientists and civil societies have not yet given the go signal to have the vaccine for public use but the government and a certain pharmaceutical company approved its procurement and use for children. Even Sanofi Pasteur has mentioned that the vaccine could have cause severe dengue illness to children.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said that there is still no case of severe infection but the government decided to suspend the implementation of the anti-dengue vaccine program.

For now the specific side effects of the the vaccine is still uncertain but experts said that it is risky and reckless. All children who have been injected with Dengvaxia will be monitored.

This case has reached the Senate and JV Ejercito, the Chairman on the Committee on Health vowed to investigate the vaccine program.