Her Car Clammed due to Illegal Parking – Rage Followed!

A video of a woman who went amok and hurt a brgy official is now trending in social media. This happened after the local officials found her car illegally parked and clammed it.

A certain Franceska Ravela, caught the video while the woman in Annapolis Greenhills in San Juan City went hysterical.

The woman went to the center of the road and beat the brgy. officials and was shouting as she was demanding them to remove the clam in her car’s wheels. Suddenly the woman sat down in the middle of the street, commuters blew their horn on her.

According to the brgy. officials, the woman’s name is Celeste Astovesa.

According to the clamping personnel who was beaten up, rudy Ladisla, Astovesa went inside a bank, the guard of the bank even reprimanded her not to park her car at the Mabuhay Lane, buy she did not listen. When she knew that her car was clammed that was the moment she was pissed off.

“Galit kasi nalaman niya na kinlamp ang kotse niya. Nagwala sa galit… Pinagmumura ako, binato pa ako ng barya, pinagtatadyakan… Dumura pa sa kasama ko,” according to the story of Ladisla. Astoveza, freak show lasted for an hour.

In a video caught by Ladisla himself, the brother of Astoveza in military uniform came in. But she was not pacified and continued to hurt the local officials. As a response the police came in the scene together with the personnel of the Women and Children’s Desk.

According to the barangay, the brother of Astoveza is a member of the AFP and the Presidential Security Group.

According to the local officials this case should not be taken lightly. Now she faces a case of alarm and scandal including physical injuries. A local media went to the place of Astoveza for an interview so she could give her side of the story but would not respond to the call.