Justice at its reach for Atio’s Family, 8 UST Civil Laws Students linked to Atio’s Death Expelled

A young law student Horacio “Atio” Castillo III, with a promising future lost his life in the hands of his frat brothers through a botched hazing, his family is now seeking for justice. Though the court has not made any final decision yet regarding the case, the University of San Tomas (UST)
where Atio and the frat members of Aegis Juris use to study, made the wise decision to expel those who are involved in Atio’s case.

UST has ordered the expulsion of eight law students for their alleged involvement in Atio’s death.
According to the Varsitarian, the university’s official publication, it reported last Sunday regarding eight civil law students have been found, “ guilty of violating the Code of Conduct and Discipline and imposing the supreme penalty of expulsion.”

The decision was made and a resolution was handed down by a fact-finding committee formed by UST Rector Fr. Herminio Dagohoy, O.P., date last September 19, 2017

UST released a statement to the public regarding the agenda for its resolution, ““The University reiterates its commitment to ferret out the truth, determine liability, and impose the appropriate sanctions. In the Eucharistic Celebrations held at the UST Faculty of Civil Law, at the Santuario de San Antonio during the wake and at the UST Chapel during the day of mourning for the death of Horacio, UST has always been one with the Castillo family in the steadfast call for everyone to pray and work together to achieve justice for Horacio and for truth to prevail,”

It added, “It recommended a comprehensive review of the Student Handbook and the accreditation process for organizations. It issued an indefinite moratorium on the recruitment and all other activities of all fraternities and sororities in the University,”
This decision also shows the active efforts of UST in working with Manila Police District and National Bureau of Investigation to identify the members of Aegis Juris Fraternity who are involved in the crime.

The resolution was released by the committee after Castillo’s mother, Carminian, condemned the university for supposedly abandoning her son while keeping some of the members of Aegis Juris still enrolled in UST.

“Mahal na mahal niya ang UST and parang at this point nararamdaman ko that UST has abandoned him,” Carminia said, adding that the administration has not taken any “action” as she believes that there are still Aegis Juris members who are currently enrolled in UST.