Q&A Question for a Binibini Went Viral

Binibining Pilipinas contestant Sandra Lemonon’s answer on a Q&A portion generated a lot of reactions from netizens, it even sparked debate among those who are sympathetic to her and those are aren’t.

During the Q&A portion Megawide Construction Corp. chairman Edgar Saavedra, who threw the aspiring queen this question: “What are your insights on the government’s Build, Build, Build program?”

The Build, Build, Build Program is a flagship project of the Duterte administration, under which an infrastructure boom is promised throughout his term. The recently passed tax reform law, for instance, sees the bulk of newly raised revenues going to infrastructure funding.

Answering Saavedra’s question, Lemonon said “Actually you know what, I studied so much for this Q&A, but sadly that’s something that I don’t know really much about. But at least I’m here trying to answer a good question. Thank you.”

The contestant’s unfiltered response drew audible reaction from the thousands-strong audience. Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, a co-host of that evening, quipped, “I love her honesty. It’s better than lying.”

The audience’s collective reaction could be heard well after Lemonon’s exit. It indeed proved to be a memorable moment, as viewers at home, too, typed away on Twitter sharing their thoughts on what had transpired.

Lemonon’s answer, sure enough, generated comedic memes, such as an imagined response from comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto, who is known for her put-on “dumb bimbo” persona. Numerous other tweets said Lemonon was by far the most relatable pageant hopeful ever — something to do with preparing for a school test but ending up blank anyway.

Some were more serious with their two cents on the matter. A number pointed out that as a citizen and a potential public figure, Lemonon should have included in her training being updated with current events. Others, however, shared Lemonon’s cluelessness about the government program, saying that if anything, her Q&A moment highlights the public’s lack of awareness on national issues, or the supposed shortcoming of government units when it comes to information dissemination.

Ultimately, Lemonon failed to clinch a crown or a runner-up finish. The biggest title — Miss Universe Philippines — went to Catriona Gray. Five other crowns were awarded.