Housemaid Stole Money and Took a Selfie Wearing Boss’ Blouse

Now at large and being hunted by the police is a housemaid who was ordered to take care of her employers’ apartment for 3 days in Pasig City decided to steal the later’s money and gadgets. The maid also brought in a male inside the apartment before she left it.

Before she left the apartment, she even dared took selfies of her wearing her employer’s blouse who was in the hospital.

Based on the report of a local news media, last Friday the suspect-maid Ivy San Juan, 24-years old, was left in the apartment because her lady-employer was laboring in the hospital.

Shown by the CCTV of the apartment Ivy was seen accompanied by a male friend inside the room. After which the two went to a local store and bought liquor. The two went back to the apartment and the guy was seen to have left the apartment the next day.

After a few days, the CCTV has found Ivy leaving the place carrying back packs which allegedly contained the money and gadgets she stole from her employers amounting to 100,000 pesos. Surprisingly, Ivy was able to post her photos a social media account wearing the blouse of her boss.

“Magpakita na lang sila, kung hindi talaga sila guilty talaga sa ginawa nila,” according to Ghie, building administrator