Hecklers Cry for Freedom During Pres. Duterte’s Speech

Due to his violent war on illegal drugs. President Rodrigo Duterte has been criticized by human rights groups. Thus hecklers call for real freedom.

In his speech last Tuesday as part of the 120th independence Day rites in Kawit Cavite, hecklers greeted him and called him a traitor

Just as when Duterte was about to deliver his speech, the rallyists, gathered under the rain, started chanting “Duterte traydor!” and “Huwad na kalayaan.”

“Let them. Our Constitution guarantees freedom of press, freedom of assembly and free expression,” Duterte said.

He then directed the policemen to “deal with them peacefully” and exercise maximum tolerance.

“We may not understand each other but at least there’s a common denominator, and that is love of country,” Duterte said.

“‘Yung mga nag-protesta, mahal ko rin sila. Ayaw niyo maniwala? Yun ang totoo,” he said.

Duterte was delivering his speech as of posting time.