The “Debate” on Students in Coffee Shops

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Just this week, a Facebook post from an individual named Zach Salazar went viral because of a rant about students overstaying in coffee shops; deeming coffee shops as the new “extension library” of students who would prefer to do some studying in the said venue. Other than the post’s misspelled words and poor grammatical usage, the post caught the attention of both students and coffee shop enthusiasts alike.

Nowadays, students with all their study materials are a common sight in usual establishments such as Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and other coffee shops that offer a wide variety of drinks and food, as well as a learning-conducive ambience. Salazar’s initial lament has divided the post’s audiences into two opposing groups we could label as the “Studying Students” and those who don’t see anything wrong with students studying in coffee shops, and the “Real Customers” who clamor about the insensitivity of the students who stay in coffee shops. The main issue? Overstaying. Coffee shops in the Philippines provide two things that students cannot get from their usual library. Comfort food that come in the form of butter baguettes and sandwiches paired with a tall-sized cup of café au lait is something that students cannot enjoy in a library. Brain food is seen as essential in study marathons and coffee shops provide students with a lot of choices in that matter. The other thing that students tend to overstay for is the free WiFi. In the modern time, what’s authentic research without online references? Paying for only the consumables in a coffee shop makes their half-day stay worth while as it also connects them to all the things the need to fulfill the requirements they consciously opted to do in a coffee shop.

Probably you’re thinking—it’s very common to see students in coffee shops studying their notes but it’s nothing different from reading a good book while sipping a hot cup of Joe. What’s the ruckus all about? According to another Facebook user, Jan Revero, people who work in coffee shops “secretly hate” students who overstay for the sole reason of being “insensitive asses”. Yes, she dropped the “A” word. See her complete post for yourself:

Given these arguments, which side would you say you’re on? A bit of my two cents—to each, her own.