Kris Aquino and the life we all want to live

If you look up “Kris Aquino” online, you would witness a spectacle of different views about her. Some people like her a lot (myself, included), some associate her with the political background of her family, which is something controversial in itself, and some see her as an elitist who brands her way through tons of endorsements and media coverage. But the break through that shook the internet was Kris’ recent gig-Hollywood. She’s a voracious reader and she shares her current read with everyone. Being part of a reader’s favorite book or series is a dream and Kris Aquino is fulfilling hers! Apparently, she was signed to play a part in Kevin Kwan’s best-selling series, kicked-off my the first of the bunch, Crazy Rich Asians. The project excited Kris, sharing her road to Hollywood journey with everyone in her Instagram page.

From Kris Aquino’s Instagram page, @krisquino

Beyond the new career path of Kris in Hollywood now, what is it in her that we could consider admirable? Here’s an attempt to condense everything into one entry.


She’s one of the most successful and celebrated media personalities.

Yes, we say media personality because she is visible among various media platforms. You’d see her in print through billboards, bus vinyls, newspapers, and magazines, on TV with her shows and advertisements, and even on social media like YouTube. You can’t deny it, Kris’ outstanding personality brought her to every platform you could think of. That’s right, Kris Aquino is EVERYWHERE.



Despite her busy schedule, she is a hands-on mom to Josh and Bimby.

Her motherhood is something special. She makes it to a point that she has time to spend with her two sons. In between shoots and schedules, you’d see her share mommy-son bonding moments with her sons. Whenever she can, she brings them to places to relax and unwind together. What’s also amusing is the way she is raising Josh and Bimby. I don’t know if you have noticed but whenever they did stints together in her show Kris TV, it is a common sight to see Bimby looking after his kuya. The family that Kris is maintaining is evidently a family of nothing but love, which includes her kasambahays.

She is a business mogul.

Other than making money through media, Kris has her own line of businesses. She has her own franchises of a popular food chain, and she opened her own food venture, Nacho Bimby that you would usually see beside good ol’ Potato Corner. She also opened her own corporation, KrisTVCorp. 

From Kris Aquino’s Facebook page

She has a social life. 

Yes, a legitimate social life. She has time for her friends, she cooks them food, and they exchange little trinkets (in not-so-little packages) to assure their presence and love in each other’s life. She’d come home to bouquets from known individuals such as Kim Chiu and Gideon Hermosa.

With everything that she does, she still has time to sit down and read.

She’s a book vulture, alright! She can finish multiple books in the span of us reading a chapter in one. We are drowning in every day life, how can she still have time to stop and read???

She is the goddess we all want to be. 

Let’s face it–Kris Aquino is the person we all want to be. She can balance her social life, her personal life, her family life, her showbiz career, and her businesses and she still looks fabulous. It’s as if she can do everything! She’s a modern day Filipina who does everything with love love love!

Now, whenever you feel like everything in life is eating you whole, think this to yourself: If Kris Aquino can do it, why can’t I?