Nuclear Apocalypse: When Being ‘Playful’ Wont Work Anymore

A miscalculated playfulness could lead to a total disaster, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is sometimes ‘playful’ with his words. He admits to even joke about some sensitive issues with his personal life and the major issues that affect the country. Although, as a gentleman, he apologizes after he curses, “I am just playful!” That is one of the major characteristics of a person from the Visayas. In fact, in two separate cases a man and a woman from Cebu were detained because of recklessly cracking a bomb joke. The woman was in a mall while the guy was caught at the port. A Boholano student was also caught in a mall for cracking a joke that he has a bomb in his bag. – All being ‘Playful’!

Retroactively, Pres. Duterte was also playful in his speeches against the US. He cursed and made bad comments against the United States of America but later retracted. Recently, one could notice that he refrains from uttering condescending comments against the world super power. Meanwhile, during the election campaign, he also said that he is willing to fight for us to gain ownership over Scarborough Shoal. I could remember him vividly saying in a debate that he would ride a jet ski and plant the Philippine Flag there. Now, it seems that such an audacious plan becomes a playful joke. This ambiguity can have serious repercussions.

In his relationship with super powers, Pres. Duterte is also being playful. He shows kindness to China, Russia and the US, as if he wants to befriend everybody. Now, he even wants to be friendly with North Korea’s Dictator Kim Jong-un. From being a tough-taking iron-man-punisher persona, now he sounds like a saintly mediation officer!

However, US Vice-President Mike Pence is firm with his words,

“US strategic patience is over…”

and after saying this, he relay the message of full support to both South Korea and Japan. The leaders of the two countries responded with unconditional support. If we were to analyze these gestures, we can observe that US is telling its allies, “It is about time for you to stop bluffing around, show your cards the fight is on!” This is a serious matter that could escalate into a full-blown thermonuclear war!

Since the 9/11 incident, the US has never been playful. It is straight forward in its course of action; it has relentlessly involved itself in the conflicts in the Middle East. So when it says that it might possibly attack North Korea in the near future, it would not be impossible to happen, more so, the US would not hesitate to do so to protect democracy and peace in the pacific region.

I appreciate Pres. Duterte’s efforts by helping the nation dodge the bullet –  a possible nuclear holocaust or nuclear fallout. Unfortunately, as a relatively small country, with zero nuclear capability, and with politicians devouring military budget allocations as if there is no tomorrow, we do not have enough fire power to combat a first world nation. We even don’t stand a chance against North Korea’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM), tanks and air supremacy. So now, we must be clear with our intentions and allegiance.

As time draws near for a possible clash, he must contemplate not to test the resolve of world leaders. By now, he must be clear and straightforward with his stand on this issue. We cannot just sit around and wait like sitting ducks for events to unfold. South Korea, Taiwan and Japan are our allies and business partners. We have to somewhat show them our support. But then again, we are all at the mercy of our president’s playfulness. We just hope and pray that he makes a choice that would protect us all.

But if shit happens and US, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, China and Russia using their nukes, would screw each other, I already have a escape plan to avoid the cataclysmic fall-out. I would get my go bag, bring all my family to Davao City because there is a new inter-country roro there with a destination to Indonesia’s ports of call.  I would ride the roro or ferry boat and leave the country for good…sorry, like Pres. Duterte I’m coming from the Visayas region, I was just playful. Anyhow, seriously, we never know…we never know…